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  1. plz plz plz plz plz

    give me my 3rd semi revaluation result my wait for it for I’m wait for it for some many days
    nov/Dec 2014

  2. plz sir we r still waiting for carry over for diploma plz sir give us last chance plz do any 6 plz sir now we r very serios abot study now we have got buddhi also plz sir on dis time plz help us sir plz pls sir help us to recover our falt plz sir plz save our lives give us last chance to study plz sir we ll do hard work plz sir

  3. plz sir we ll touch ur feet plz forgive us and give a last chance to do continue d education plz give us to carry over as any 6 subject plz sir we ll do hard work sir plz sir plz

  4. plz plz sir think obout our ccondition plz give us any 6 subject carry over plz sir plz we ll do hard work plz sir plz plz still time is der plz sir give us a chance to recover plz plz sir plz

  5. plz sir plz give us carry over as any 6 in diploma plz we ll touch ur feet sir plz help us do it fast sir plz sir atleast we have to attend d 2nd internel to score plz sir plz

  6. plz sir plz we r still waiting plz take some care abot us plz sir do carry over system any 6 subject for diploma plz sir or take a entrance exam to take admission for who have got back 5 or 6 subject and plz remove yb system plz sir plz help us

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